Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Plantinga Ch 5

In this chapter Plantinga talks about our longing for the kingdom of God and how we are to use the talents that God has given us to the best of our ability. He calls us to serve the kingdom of God by using these talents to the best of our ability and to the honor and glory of him alone. This chapter fit in very well with Learning in War-Time because of CS Lewis telling us to always strive for more knowledge.

Plantinga begins by saying that sometimes we are eager for the coming of the kingdom of God and sometimes not so much. When we are having fun and enjoying the finer things in life we seem to forget to pray about the coming of the kingdom. I agree with Plantinga when he says this. It can be very easy to forget to pray for the second coming of Christ let alone for the coming to be soon. We must always remember why we are on this earth and that the life we are living is only temporary.

Plantinga goes on to talk about the importance of a Christian education. It is very easy to forget about why we are at a Christian school. We are here because the professors will always attempt to integrate God into our studies and will always strive to bring attention to Him. This is something that can be taken for granted. In the end Plantinga writes that we are to use the three skills of knowledge, skill, and virtue to better serve the kingdom of God and to bring glory to His great name.

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