Saturday, January 17, 2009

Mere Christianity

Mere Christianity is a book written by CS Lewis attempting to bring different denominations together through logic and reasoning rather than the differences in doctrine that may have separated them at some point or another. He brings out basic and everyday common knowledge about Christianity. He is attempting to bring anyone to Christianity that reads the book.

Lewis starts off by talking about how when one is searching for a religion it is like looking through many doors trying to decide which religion it is that fits him or her the best.

I do not agree with what Lewis when he is talking about good or bad impulses. There are many examples of bad impulses such as murder or any other bad intention that we have that may lead us to sin.

I agree with most of what CS Lewis states in this article except for the good and bad impulses. I agreed when Lewis when he stated that today we have lessened the word Christian to be something such as just being a good person. We must be very careful when throwing the term around.

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  1. Dear Jared,

    Yes, subjectivism is a difficult subject. This ‘doctrine that all knowledge is limited to experiences by the self, and that transcendent knowledge is impossible’ the idea of ‘feeling’ as being of utmost important and that ‘what I will is what I command’ the ‘sic volo, sic jubeo’. There is no outside rule any more…
    What a need to go back to the moral law that runs under all cultures and religions to this ‘Outside Goodness’ that rules our world. I love how Lewis states that he would rather have a poor ‘virtuous, diligent, skillful man that refuses bribes to a (this added by me) CEO that has ‘vision, creativity and dynamism with the openness for bribes’ with no ‘virtuosity and skill’. What a responsibility for us all, especially after this week’s ‘correct thinking will not make good man of bad ones’.

    God Bless,
    a & p