Friday, January 23, 2009

Abolition of Man

The theme of Abolition of Man is the natural law tradition and stands for the tradition of the giants of Western civilization such as Plato, Aristotle, Augustine, and Thomas Aquinas. Natural law is the sense of right and wrong that we have in our hearts. Any type of society would not exist if these moral laws did not exist. This book is only three chapters long but is still one of the best defenses of the 20th century. We focused on the third chapter, "The Abolition of Man."

Lewis brings up some very interesting points in this article, one of which is when he stated that the newer generation is weaker than the previous. This is referring to the technologies that were invented that the later generations will not be able to live without. It is something that we tend to rely upon as we grow older and cannot live without. We will usually take the technologies we have today for granted and we will eventually forget how to do the things in the past.

We must always remember that we cannot take these technologies for granted and that they will always be there in time. The technologies also must not be used for an improper cause. We all know that the technologies that we have can be used for bad, but we must remember also how they can be used for the good of man. We can use such things as the internet to proclaim the gospels good news all around the world.

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