Monday, January 12, 2009

Our English Syllabus

In this article of CS Lewis, he attempts to explain the difference between education, learning, and training. He states that if we are to ever learn, then we must have that desire to obtain knowledge. The knowledge should not be necessarily focused on just one certain subject, but must rather be a broad range of topics so that we can all be well rounded human beings. Also we must have that desire to learn, if we are ever to receive an education that is beneficial to us. Learning is not just sitting in a classroom and memorizing different subjects, but it is the desire and the will to obtain more knowledge so that we can come out better because of the knowledge that we were seeking. Lewis writes that we know we have received a good education if we have come out a better person.

Today it seems as though we go to college to get good grades so that we can graduate with honors and get a better job for all our hard work that took place throughout college. Others will go so that they can get into med school. Others will go for another different variety of reasons. Lewis says that we should go because we want to become a better and more rounded human being, he states that college is a place where we must pursue knowledge. We musnt be satisfied with memorizing certain things, writing them down for the tests and exams, then forgetting them. But rather we must try to analyze everything that we learn and apply it to our lives.

When choosing careers for college it is easy to think, what will earn me the most money? Or how will this help me down the road? When what we really should be thinking is do we like what we are studying? Or are we going to learn not only for our career but also for obtaining more knowledge? It is very easy to get sidetracked in any decision that we make. It seems as though Lewis is one to follow his dreams and obtain knowledge with all his power. The Bible tells us in Proverbs 4:5 to "Get wisdom, get understanding, forget it not, neither decline from the words of my mouth." It seems the Bible is commanding us to obtain knowledge as much as possible in this life and to not be lazy or one sided but rather a well rounded human being.

When we were young kids we would learn something new everyday, and it wasnt just about the same things, it was a variety of subjects. We would explore all areas of life just for the sake of learning something new. In high school it seemed as though we were out just for the good grade in order to benefit us in college. But these are not what Lewis would like us to do.

The main message that Lewis is attempting to get accross to his readers is that we are not to be one sided flat brained people but rather well studied with a vast knowledge of all God's creation. We must always strive for that desire to get knowledge in all aspects of our lives.

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