Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The Inner Ring

This essay that Lewis wrote was very nice and I enjoyed reading it very much mostly because it applied to me in real life. He starts off by telling his audience that he is going to give advice and issue warnings. He states right in the beginning that he is going to warn us about the world and not the Devil and the Flesh. He uses the example of Boris Dubretskoi, who discovers that there two different systems or hierarchies that exist in the army.

He uses this story to introduce his topic, the Inner Ring. This Inner Ring is found everywhere that you go according to Lewis. Lewis speaks of how we desire to be in the inner ring, and how to be accepted in human society is one of the greatest desires of man. Society is one of these rings, in which we strive to follow what is normal and accepted by man.

These inner rings are defiantly everywhere we go and we must always be aware of where we are and what we are striving to be. These inner rings can be something that we as college students would like to be part of at times but we have to remember that it is something that we should not strive for. I believe that any type of happiness that happens in this inner ring is short lived and is something that we will have no long term enjoyment from. There is only one type of long term happiness and that is within Christ and His church.

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